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Organization and Statutes
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General provisions and dissolution

Article 22:
In case of a voluntary or forced dissolution, the General Assembly appoints one or many commissioners in charge of the liquidation of the properties of the Association.
Available assets, if need be, shall be transferred to an association pursuing a similar objective, or in the absence of such an association, to a charitable organization; both of which must be officially established.

Article 23:
All the amendments made to the present statutes or to the composition of the Board of Directors shall be declared in accordance with the provisions of the Dahir of 15 November 1958 as amended and modified.

Article 24:
Internal Regulations drafted by the Council and deliberated over by the Board of Directors shall be submitted to the President for approval. They shall address all issues related to the organization and functioning of the Association, which are not provided for in the present statutes. They shall also, whenever needed, set up the terms of the constitution of the Association commissions, namely the commission in charge of preparing the regulations relevant to the prize awarded by the Association, as well as those in charge of renewing the terms of office of the members of the Council of the Association.

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