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Relations between Nations have traditionally been conducted through diplomatic channels; nongovernmental organizations (NGO) had a limited role in nurturing mutual understanding and dialogue.
Recently, extraordinary advances in information and communication technologies have radically changed the landscape and have enabled the participation of Civil Society in domains hitherto reserved to governmental entities.
These advances inspired the re-launch of the Moroccan British Society (MBS) on 23 February 2003 as an NGO whose stated aim is to strengthen the friendly and respectful cooperation ties long prevalent between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

To date, the MBS has been instrumental in the establishment of the H.M. Mohammed VI Fellowship in Moroccan and Mediterranean Studies at St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University and in the related faculty and student Exchange Programs; it has also launched a Newsletter.
More recently, in an effort to foster inter-faith dialogue, the MBS approached the British Library with the idea for an exhibition called 'SACRED, Discover what we share’ and has helped in its implementation through the sponsorship of its Feasibility Study and by becoming its Co-Sponsor. The exhibition has been placed under the joint Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI and of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and the launch of this website has been timed to coincide with the exhibition’s Royal Inauguration Ceremony.
The MBS’ website has been conceived as an information and communication tool that aims to improve public awareness of each other’s civilization, institutions, and culture and to foster closer cooperative links; it also hopes to be a useful working tool for entities planning joint projects and / or ventures; finally, it is a source of updated information about the MBS’ activities.
This site would fulfill its mission when its visitors develop a sense of ownership, use it as a suggestion box, and perceive it as a channel for dialogue among potential partners. It aims to be a reliable and useful information source for businessmen, academic researchers, communication specialists and individuals; it also provides useful live links and recommends alternative information sources.
Your active participation and suggestions will help the MBS contribute to greater friendship between our two peoples through increased cooperation.
Thank you for your support.

HH Princess Lalla Joumala
President, the Moroccan British Society

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