Social Media Reconsidered

March 19, 2015


9.00 – 9.30            Opening

9:30-11:00    Panel 1 :    Social Media, News and Politics

Moderator: Dr. Nizar Messari (to be confirmed)

- Mr. Rachid Jankari (Mor),
"The past, present and future of social media in Morocco"

- Ms. Sarah Zaaimi (UK),
"Internet & Crisis of Re-imagination of the Nation State in the Arab Region"

- Mr. Mahmoud Enayat (UK),
"Is Facebook a right platform for activism? A case study of Iran"

- Dr. Ella McPherson (UK),
"The Tension between Pluralism and Verification in Using Social Media Information for Human Rights Reporting"

11:30-13:00    Panel 2 : Social Media and Business

Moderator: Dr. Paul Anderson

- Mr. Anass Rahimi,
"Social Media and Marketing"

- Mr. Kamal Reggad,
"How to Leverage the Power of Social Media to generate Leads"

- Mr. Muhammad Karim (UK),
"The Challenges and Opportunities which Businesses find in Social Media."

14:30 - 16:00    Panel 3 : The Future of Social Media

Moderator: Ms. Samar Mezghani

- Prof. Piet Kommers (Netherlands)
"Social Media as Catalyst in Learning Communities"

- Mr. Akram Benmbarek (Mor),
"The post-social media trends"

- Dr. Bouziane Zaid (Mor),
"Social Media and Privacy: Challenges for the Future"

- Dr. Paolo Gerbaudo (UK),
"Social Media and Youth Experience"

16:30 – 17:00            Closing Ceremony