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Missions and Goals

Promoting and fostering friendly relations and cooperative ties in every domain between Morocco and the United Kingdom requires strong actions and effective planning. As a consequence, the MBS will – according to its statutes – “cooperate with official institutions and organs of both states, with which it shall conclude cooperative agreements.”

Within the framework of its mission, the MBS will notably:

Organize and manage the mechanisms necessary for reciprocal information between both Moroccan and British circles interested in the essential historical aspects of both countries, their contemporary reality, and the forms of bilateral cooperation between the two States;

Conduct various studies that would allow better knowledge of both countries;

Create, promote and assist existing Moroccan and British entities in charge of developing bilateral cooperative actions in economic, academic, scientific, financial, and trade sectors in the two countries;

Initiate, promote, and assist the exchange of academics and students by facilitating their recruitment, their reception and stay within institutions of higher education in each of the two countries, namely by granting them scholarships;
Promote the teaching and the use of the English language in primary and secondary education by providing teachers and students with appropriate pedagogical materials, and by allocating annual excellence prizes for the most distinguished instructors and the best English language learners;

Organize and sponsor seminars, work sessions, conferences aiming at allowing Moroccan and British people to meet, improve mutual understanding, and establish relations of common interest;

Organize or sponsor cultural events allowing artists from the two countries to meet each other, and present their works in public within the framework of festivals;

Edit and publish newsletters of these activities in order to inform the public;

Promote the publication and dissemination of books in all fields, likely to help develop a better knowledge of contemporary authors in each country, and create or participate in the creation of cultural centres or libraries, which would be stocked with reference books of each culture;

Allocate an annual prize to reward Moroccan or British citizens whose works are likely to reinforce cooperation between the two peoples and to enhance mutual understanding;

Create, in cooperation with official and private organizations working towards a similar objective, partnership relations in order to capitalize on existing goodwill and reinforce cooperation between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United Kingdom.

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