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Britain is the fourth largest trading nation in the world.

London is an important financial center of Europe and the world's largest insurance market.




Exports of goods and services - $304.5 billion f.o.b. (2003 est.) Products: manufactured goods, fuels, chemicals; food, beverages, tobacco.
The chemical industry is Britain's largest export earner. UK pharmaceutical companies make three of the world's best selling medicines

Britain is also a major supplier of machinery, vehicles, aerospace products, electrical and electronic equipment. Britain is responsible for 10 per cent of the world's export of services, including banking, insurance, stockbroking, consultancy and computer programming.

Export Partners: US 15.5%, Germany 11.2%, France 9.4%, Ireland 8%, Netherlands 7.1%, Belgium 5.2%, Italy 4.4%, Spain 4.3%

Imports of goods and services - $363.6 billion f.o.b. (2003 est.) Products: manufactured goods, machinery, fuels, foodstuffs.
Food, beverages and tobacco account for half of non-manufactured imports, whilst machinery and road vehicles account for two-thirds of finished imported manufactures. Other major imports include chemicals, fuels, clothing and footwear.

Import Partners : Germany 12.9%, US 11.9%, France 7.8%, Netherlands 6.3%, Belgium 5%, Italy 4.4%

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