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BBC News

One of the top news providers on the web. News reports are supplemented with audio and video coverage.
Belfast Telegraph
Leading Northern Ireland's newspaper.
Daily Express
Conservative middle-market tabloid.
Daily Mail
Tabloid, similar to Daily Express.
Daily Star
Right-wing tabloid specialising in pictures of underdressed models.
Daily Telegraph
Well written conservative broadsheet.
Economist In-depth coverage of political and economic events throughout the world.
Financial Times
One of the world's leading business and politics newspapers with a global outlook. Guardian Left of centre top quality daily.
Independent Daily
liberal broadsheet with a wide international coverage.
Mirror Tabloid,
traditionally supportive of the Labour party.
Morning Star "Daily paper of the left".
Formerly the newspaper of the Communist Party.
UK news aggregator that allows you to search the latest news headlines by category or keyword.
Observer UK
oldest Sunday newspaper, now linked with the Guardian.
World's largest news agency.
Sky News
Rupert Murdoch's UK news channel.
Rupert Murdoch's tabloid known for its sensational headlines
Slightly conservative, the oldest British national daily.

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